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Success Case
Achieving intelligent tourism governance through data platform establishment
By establishing first-party member data and integrating third-party tourist data for user footprint labeling, retargeting can be implemented to enhance revisit rates. When combined with a tourist data platform, it facilitates tourism policy, resource allocation, and differentiated marketing, thereby achieving data-driven smart tourism governance.
Tourism policy
Replace manual and inconsistent calculation methods with the utilization of Vpon's tourist data dashboard to grasp the current status and trends of tourism. Through multidimensional data analysis, it assists in advancing and evaluating tourism policies and their effectiveness.
Resource allocation
Eliminate the need for aggregating tourist numbers from various sources. By utilizing Vpon's tourist data, a deeper understanding of tourist behavior can be achieved, such as differences in travel duration and crowd patterns on holidays and weekends. This information can then be used to adjust transportation arrangements and human resource allocation.
Marketing differentiation
Significantly reduce the need for survey-based data collection methods. Through Vpon's tourist profile analysis, understand the differences among tourists in different regions and attractions, enabling targeted marketing segmentation and optimization of local product sales.
Replace indirect observation methods. Utilizing Vpon's first-party data infrastructure, accumulate tourist data to analyze user footprints and implement precision marketing strategies targeting specific audience segments, aiming to increase revisit rates.
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