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Data Analysis
By analyzing data from multiple dimensions, businesses can gain a thorough understanding of different aspects of information, enabling them to develop effective strategies. However, when dealing with large amounts of data, extracting valuable insights can be challenging. Wee Data Analytics Dashboard can help visualize and analyze the data, transforming it into digestible information to aid in decision-making.
# 1st Party Data
# 3rd Party Data
One-stop data insights platform
Cross-platform operation and behavioral analysis of target audience
Through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, you can gain in-depth understanding of user behavior and comprehensive insights into user situations without requiring expertise in Google Analytics. The dashboard can be quickly implemented without the need for additional ETL.
CRM dashboard
Get started to analyze unknown visitors and customer profiles now
Get the website/ App customer penetration rate in one view, dig out the key path to turn unfamiliar visitors into customers, and use loyalty membership analysis plus advanced behavior modules to enhance membership management.
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Big data platform for tourism
Use data-driven approach to understand tourist behavior and drive tourism strategies
The platform enables an understanding of where travelers come from, where they go, and when they go. The platform offers multiple analysis dimensions, including trends of tourist count by region, tourist analysis on holidays and weekends, travel duration, round-trip, tourist residence, popular tourist spot, and other customized analysis. It helps the tourism industry to understand travellers behavior and make data-driven decisions.
Tourism value estimation
Gain insights of tourism industry values by region and understand the characteristics and the features of each region
By leveraging a combination of tourist traffic data, consumption data, and government open data, our platform can accurately estimate the production value generated by tourist in each area, specifically in retail, catering, accommodation sectors, popular stores and products. Our platform helps to identify popular administrative regions, types of businesses, and product categories, enabling tourism industry to employ the best strategies.
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Understand the geographical distribution of your interested segment and discover business opportunities
Geolocation dashboard can provide insights by visualising the geographic data. With geolocation dashboard, you can:

  • Get a true picture of the presentation of geographic data

  • Understand the geographic distribution of users

  • Explore user path trends

  • Make strategic decisions such as optimizing products, strengthening partnerships, or executing digital marketing

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AppVois- App Market Insight
Understand App market trends and customer preferences
We provide comprehensive analysis of the mobile App market, helping you to understand the overall trend of the App market, the performance of your own App in the market, and the app preferences of users who download your App. This information can help App owners understand the market dynamics and serve as a basis for cross-industry alliances and marketing decisions.
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Audience insight report
Understand the characteristics of user groups from different perspective to improve communication efficiency and improve conversion
Audience insight report provides insights on specific customer groups, such as those who have visited event venues or purchased health products. This includes understanding their basic characteristics, mobile device usage habits, advertising preferences, frequently visit locations, app usage preferences, and consumption behaviour. This information can be used to design communication materials, develop marketing strategies, and validate campaign effectiveness.
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Vpon Satellite Platform
Understanding mobile device market trends for better ads campaign planning
We provide an analysis dashboard based on advertising platform audience (covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau), including mobile devices, installed App types, and advertising touchpoint and time analysis. It helps advertisers estimate ad exposure and plan budgets, and further provides an overall analysis of the current state and trends of the mobile device environment for any organization in need.
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Campaign analysis
Online campaign performance analysis
By integrating first-party or third-party data from different source, it helps brands evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts and serves as a benchmark for future decision-making. Users can explore the results from different events through a user-friendly interface, further analyze and improve the campaign content, target potential audiences, and attract more users.
Footfall analysis
Measuring the success of guiding online/ offline visitors to take actions
By integrating first-party campaign data and third-party location data, our platform supports the decision-making process in strategic planning and digital marketing. Brands can use the dashboard to gain insights into traveler behavior after executing online or offline campaigns, allowing further improvements in marketing strategies and campaign content.
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