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Success Case
Gain insights into target market and promote attractive products across borders
Wee's data solutions assist clients in conducting market research, building user profiles, formulating business strategies, executing precision action items, and quantifying results.

Return on Advertising Investment

  • Target Market Revenue: 164%

  • Target Market Revenue + Tourism Revenue: 5492%
Understanding the market through data analysis
By collaborating with Data Partners, we integrate foot traffic data, point of interest (POI) data, and consumption data to help clients observe the market and gain market insights through data analysis. This assists clients in gaining a deeper understanding of market trends and dynamics.
User profiling and behavior analysis
Keeping up with market trends and analyzing customer behavior through data allows for a better understanding of their needs and habits. By analyzing data, you can accurately segment different customer groups and create target audience profiles.
Precision marketing, developing and optimizing marketing strategies.
We identify similar groups in the market and develop appropriate strategies by segmenting target audiences and establishing customer profiles, helping you to make the best use of every resource.
Capturing online and offline conversion to validate campaign efficiency
Analyzing advertising performance not only helps you understand audience dynamics, but also optimizes future marketing strategies. This allows you to solidify existing customer base while continuously optimizing market growth strategies.

Return on Advertising Investment (ROI)

  • Target market revenue: 164%

  • Target market revenue + travel revenue: 5492%
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